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THE SCHNEIDER CORPORATION (JAPAN) LTD. ( in Japanese: Schneider Japan K.K )was established in 1973 by Mr. Kurt W. Schneider.

Mr.Schneider was born 1932 in the German part of Switzerland. He later worked for several years in French and Italian speaking regions, as well as 3 years in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa) Africa. He came to Japan in 1966.

Mr.Schneider, as our President, is still daily active, helping us to meet the needs of this fast changing world.


  We import excellent products, and export ones which are made by Japanese technology and
 creativity. Some products are made in Japan where there are minutely and high technology, and supplied to the markets, domestic and foreign. And we established stabilized status and confidence, with coming up to needs of world market. That passage has been never flat, though, our business take good care of interchange of personnel and we keep that honestly with our true intention consistently.

 With change of these years economic structure, demand of the market becomes different, but we keep our management policy, though, we fully keep alive, which are specialist (specialty), speed(Internet) and system (plan), then we work on to develop products, to improve, to progress quality and promotion based on the time, we will live up to our customer.

 We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts for an extension of business and I hope to receive your continuous cooperation in the future.

 Managing Director
 Midori Shoji


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